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What do I know?...

Artistic process of activity of Valery Kramarenko Is not that other as integration experience, experience of integrity of understanding of the world where creativity kinds join in the moment of the openness and incompleteness whereas their complete results are deeply various and belong to other fields of activity.

Valery Kramarenko's "Experience" is simultaneously and "attempt", the experiment, which results belong to the future and endured which stores and embodies results of the past. The plasticity of the artist keeps as whole energy of mutual transitions in structures created by it, instant switchings from a figurative number in conceptual, from distracted in concrete where steps, a rustle of wings, breath of people, a violoncello, a violin and a rock'n'roll sound.

If to begin with such preface for certain to readers and fans of mysticism a series of pictures "Divine musicians", begun a mysterious and supernatural series of pictures "what loves the wings" will be recollected.

In this system near - the life, an environment - is considered from a philosophical distance, and distant - the last epoch, art styles, philosophical ideas - from a position everyday where the image of the woman-flower turns to a monument of the left civilisations, and "helmet" of times of heroic Troy becomes the intimate witness of love and perfidy (a series "Death of Ahilla and Hector").

"That I know?" Is a central question for the artist, a unique motionless point in philosophy of its art where the thought and an image are considered as experience of their connection. This experience of connection also is the personal experience of the artist allowing it to recreate complete destiny of a picture, ассамбляжа, the object, leaning against traditions "элегичного" Benua and "a languid sensuality" ХХ centuries.

Heroes of products of Valery Kramarenko - are quite original on characters and executed roles, but hardly probable all of them have the most certain prototypes: they are characters of legends of Celts and шумеров, assyrians and инков, Aztecs, Babylon, Egypt, ancient China and Greece.

The Composition of pictures is under construction like the theatrical action concentrated in time. On a stage, offstage and under a dome angels, gods and demons, people and the birds fly, the bared girls skip on the fantastic animals celebrating birthday.

Irina Tihomirova

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