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Italian thinker Viko (1668-1744) has put forward idea, that each society passes consistently through three epoch: gods, heroes and people.

Your country has left at last first two epoch and is on a threshold of thirds - epoch of the people, capable to embody during a life the own initiative and creative qualities.

In vitally difficult situations the present talents were always expressed most brightly because tested uncontrollable desire to address to people in language of art.

One of such significant representatives of the world of painting, which talent deserves special attention, lives and works in your city. A name of this artist - Valery Kramarenko. I have got acquainted With Valery not so long ago, and it as the person as the artist has made the big impression upon me. I am amazed by ability of the artist having excellent technics to transfer on a cloth feeling, aspirations, the perception, exciting its soul.

World Крамаренко - the complex world. Paints on its cloths come to life. Sometimes it seems, that images have fallen asleep for an instant that then to begin the three-dimensional motions, space it is more than in what we live.

The philosophical meaning of the life With magic перекликаниями the ancient worlds and left, civilizations is deeply felt; kind and Angrily, which always were and always will be; fine forms of the human body, being an integral part of harmony on the Earth and in the Universe...

Valery Kramarenko's Works know in Italy, they have received a high estimation from the people knowing and were interested painting. I think, that Valery Kramarenko's works should be adequately noticed not only abroad, but also in the homeland.

We Shall wish this gifted artist of creative successes, fine new works who would please its most and us, admirers of its art.

Bruno Palmieri, Italy

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