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Valery Kramarenko: dialogue with Gods

Magicians, sorcerers, ведуны, artists (that frequently same) Ancient Egypt knew a golden section secret. Valery Kramarenko fascinated secrets of great culture, seemingly, has learnt a secret of a gold luminescence. If at the previous stage of creativity the artist, perhaps, even abused ominously-red tones "the Egyptian series" is shined by flickering precious light.


Valery always differed "persons not the general выраженьем", even in literal sometimes sense - being allocated in crowd "hippie" with a kind, independent behaviour. Kramarenko in creativity is so free, at group exhibitions "Mariupol 87" always could be identified its manner at first sight, thus, that as we already spoke, its style strikingly varied. The previous stage - a flesh celebration, its density, monumentalism, the scale of forms strained and мрачноватая an expression. And then - the reference to east philosophy and spirituality, to an original combination древнеегипетской, the Indian mythology. Hyperstyle, scale of forms, density of a colourful palette serve now catching of riddles of spirit.

The ancient East - a cradle of the most mysterious, exotic civilisation, not without reason researchers erect its that to the disappeared Atlantis, to the superhuman, space phenomena. And in Valery Kramarenko's pictures the press of secret, a prophecy lies: "But things тайною the lips baked by blood burn".

Exists поверье that in canons древнеегипетского arts a certain cosmogonic message is ciphered that at a corresponding spirit of human consciousness there comes effect "dialogue with gods". It seems that Valery has established such contact...

Tatyana Korostelev

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